6-12 years Beginners and advanced

  • Encouraging physical activity in general and swimming in particular
  • Forming a qualified swimming team to take part in various tournaments
  • Teaching children swimming techniques (front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, swimming with fins)


9-12 years

  • Disseminating a culture of self-defense among children through karate and judo
  • Teaching children karate and judo techniques
  • Unleashing children’s talents in karate and judo
  • Preparing for karate and judo fighting shows


6-12 years

  • Developing shooting skills and accuracy
  • Developing children’s concentration skills

Football / grass pitches – boys

9-12 years

  • Encouraging physical activity in general and football in particular
  • Measuring children’s football skills

Young Life Guard Course

9-12 years children who are excellent swimmers

  • Developing children’s swimming skills
  • Preparing children to perform rescuing and first aid skills
  • Forming a team of young life guards

Female Handball Championship

8-12 years

  • Encouraging physical activity in general and handball in particular
  • Measuring children’s handball skills
  • Bringing the handball-talented children to the forefront

Zumba for girls

6-12 years

  • Developing physical fitness and flexibility
  • Developing flexibility and fitness and getting rid of fatigue