Life Skills


9-12 years 4 levels

Culinary Arts
  • Disseminating awareness among children about healthy food and food safety
  • Teaching children with food preparation skills and dining etiquette
  • Teaching children smart shopping skills
  • Teaching basic skills of food and beverage preparation

Shura Council

8-12 years

Sharjah Children Shura Council
  • Instilling Shura principles in children
  • Instilling the spirit of responsibility in children at an early age
  • Enabling children to express their views regarding the issues they face and to participate in solving them
  • Bringing up a conscious, cultured generation able to communicate effectively with the community

National Day Celebrations

6-12 years

Children Centers Celebrations of the 47th National Day and Martyrs Day for 2018
  • Instilling the values of patriotism in the country's children
  • Showcasing children’s talents in different fields of arts and heritage to the public
  • Celebrating Martyrs Day to express gratitude for the Emirati army and their sacrifices.


6-12 years children of the centers and the public

Colors of Spring Camp
Arts Camp
Sports Camp
  • Marketing the different activities of the centers
  • Honing children’s creative skills
  • Keeping nonmember children busy in their free time and acquainting them with the centers’ activities
  • Promoting the artistic activities held at Mughaider Center in collaboration with female students of the college of fine arts

Competitions (local and international)

9-12 years

Participation in many competitions:
A Full Summer Competition
Sheikha Latifa Competition
National Competition of the World Robot Olympiad
National Robotics Competition 2016
  • Enhancing children’s creativity levels
  • Representing the children’s centers as part of the UAE team in the finals of the World Robot Olympiad
  • Participate in the National Robotics Competition held by Abu Dhabi Education Council
  • Training children on creativity and innovation
  • Teaching children how to use robots for reducing recycled waste


6-12 years

‘Be Like Me And Better’
  • Instilling social and moral values in children
  • Encourage the social aspect amongst children through voluntary work
  • Motivate children to practice social interaction in a spirit of competition

My Safety

6-12 years

The program consists of three stages (courses):
Safe Evacuation of Centers
My Health Is My Happiness
First Aid
  • Raising awareness and training children and center staff on the appropriate methods of safe evacuation
  • Creating a safe, hazard-free work environment that is fortified against sources of risks
  • Teaching children proper dental care and hygiene
  • Training children on different types of first aid

Community Engagement

6-12 years

Engage Children in Community Activates:
‘Haq al Laila’
National Day
The Reading Festival
Official Events Openings
  • Showcasing children's skills and talents locally and internationally
  • Allowing children to apply the skills they learn at the center through participating in the activities of local institutions
  • Motivating children to play roles in community awareness

Child Safety Campaign

All children of the centers
6-12 years

An initiative by the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in collaboration with Sharjah Police Headquarters and the Social Services Department
  • Raising awareness and teaching children about the safe use of social media
  • Guiding children about protecting their devices against viruses
  • Guiding children to talk to parents or other family members to protect their devices with strong passwords
  • Guidance about downloading age-appropriate games

Sharjah the city that cares for aged

Children of centers
6-12 years

Awareness workshops for the children of the centers about respecting elders and ways of treating them, held in the three regions of the Emirate of Sharjah: City of Sharjah, Central Region and the Eastern Region
  • Instilling the value of respecting the elders in the children
  • Upbringing a generation with a good culture of respecting the elders
  • Respecting the elders is an evidence of community advancement and transcendence

6 -12 years
For elders

- Heritage session for old people + International Day for Older Persons
- Executing two events where elders are engaged at the Sharjah Children Centers
  • Bringing happiness and pleasure to the elders
  • Engaging with the community, particularly through sharing happiness with children