Digital Arts

9-12 years 3 levels

  • Teaching children the basic skills of digital arts
  • Teaching children the principles of producing digital films
  • Teaching children the skills of designing and creating three-dimensional objects

Fine Arts

6-12 years

  • Developing children’s artistic skills
  • Teaching children new ceramic skills
  • Instilling passion for learning and exploration within children
  • Encouraging children to paint in a new innovative way
  • Encouraging imagination and creativity


8-12 years

  • Forming the nucleus for a children’s orchestra
  • Creating musicians who play string instruments in three or four various specializations
  • Participating in national and religious events and festivals


6-12 years

  • Forming a choir consisting of children with fine, distinguished voices
  • Participating in the country's national and social occasions

Military Band

8-12 years

  • Promoting patriotism within children through forming a military band
  • Developing children's motor skills and fitness
  • Promoting children’s self-confidence and training them to face the audience in public places or on the stage

Theater Shows

6-12 years

  • Enhancing theatre skills of children
  • Promoting children’s imagination through theatrical works
  • Encouraging children to practice conversation and creative thinking through theater
  • Encouraging the love of teamwork